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Northwest AEA has licensed TrueFLIX for it schools beginning November 1. TrueFLIX is an online product from Scholastic that pairs short nonfiction videos with related nonfiction books. The license is for simultaneous access meaning many may view the same video or read the same ebook title at the same time. All the ebooks have the read-aloud feature.

Students and teachers can access TrueFLIX anywhere there is an Internet connection - at school and at home. The username and password used to access TrueFLIX will be the same one currently used to access Iowa AEA Online resources. The URL is: You can also access TrueFLIX from NWAEA's web page by following this path: Programs and Services >>>Media and Technology >>>Northwest AEA Online Resources.

If you have questions, please let Pam or Debby know.

Here's a little more information about TrueFLIX:




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